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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No poker/no golf

I haven't played any poker in the last two days and haven't played golf since last week. Hopefully will remedy both of those shortages soon.

I won the hand in my previous post where I had A/K off and flopped Broadway. I did raise too much on his flop bet but he got it all in with two pair and I doubled up.

That was a nice way to end my week of play.

My daughter and I saw The Dark Knight this week-end and really enjoyed it. It was a little bit long though. They could have shortened it by 10 to 20 minutes and not lose much. Plus they really didn't set up a continuation or plot for the next movie if they have one.

If you go out to The Dark Knight site there is a game you can play with Batman on his Motorcycle type vehicle. Gotham City Street Chase

Now Christian Bale is in trouble so who knows what will happen.
Estelle Getty of 'Golden Girls' fame dies at 84. A sad day for fans of the Golden Girls. My daughters are real fans of the show and one even said that Bea Arthur is like another grandmother to her. Sad day for hollywood.


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