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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blogger days are dieing a slow death

My blogging days may be over. I don't know if I will quite entirely but my posts will probably be sporadic and may be more about beer than poker or golf. Not sure why I am not posting as much. Just seems like I am saying the same things over and over.

Speaking of beer. I bought a six pack of Estrella Damm, the Star of Barcelona, from my favorite Beer store, Horrock's.
I think this is a pretty good beer. It is described on the web site as a Pale Lager. To me this is a session beer that tastes really good on a hot summer day. I will have no trouble finishing my six pack and probably another as well. It isn't a full bodied beer and tastes more like national brews Coors and Budweiser but how often do you get to drink a beer from Spain at only $5 dollars a six pack? I'm looking forward to having the next one.
Beer Advocate rates it just a C and most of the reviews were not too happy with this beer. Rate Beer gives it about the same rating.
I am about done with my Poker Tracker 3 trial period and am now going to load Holdem Manager and use it until its trial period is done. After that I will decide which one I like better. Places that have rated both seem to like Holdem Manager better and the cost for low stakes play is right up my alley. It already has an edge over Poker Tracker 3.


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